WhatsApp rolls out ‘Restrict Group’ feature for admins


There is a special feature on Whatsapp. The name of this feature is ‘Restricted Group’. Under this, the group admin will get power so that he can stop sending text messages, photos, videos or messages to other members. That is, the group admin can ban any member. To activate this feature, you need to update the Whatsapp. The site that tested this feature said, Whatsapp app needs to be updated on Android version 2.18.132.

To use the Restricted Group feature, Group Admins will have to go to Group info> Group settings> Edit group info. Here users can choose group’s subject, icon and the description can be done. Users will get two options – all the participants and the only admin.

Remind you that for the Android and Windows Phone the group’s description feature was launched in February. This feature is also available on iPhone. However, there is no alternative to preventing any user from editing the group’s description, icon or subject on the iPhone and Windows Phone platforms.

  1. Dikesh Kanani says

    Is this feature not available in iOS, that admin only can send message?

    1. Harshit Amreliya says

      Now this feature is also available for ios devices if you want to send some messages in that particular group, first find that group admin and send a private message to that group admin and tell them to Make me a group’s admin too (if possible).

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