What’s going on guys, today we gonna be show you a very important thing that Windows user should know, How to make a file or folder undeletable in your windows 10!

It may be very useful to some users, especially if you have something important on your computer, for example, a document, some top priority files or even your important work files. So you can use this method to make that folder or file literally undeletable so you can have that peace of mind! So Let’s get started.

First you gonna need to locate that file or folder on your computer, In my case I have a sample folder created for demonstration, it does have some files inside, but we gonna make the entire folder undeletable so that will protect the folder and files inside from any accidental delete, the procedures are the same for both file and folder so you can apply this to any kind of situations.

Once you are on the particular file or folder right click on it and choose properties.

now navigate to security tab, now come down here and click on edit, and you will see this new window.

Now in the Group or user names section, select system, now click on this first box, which is full control, which is deny the permission to all the things you can do to the folder or files,

if you have more Groups or users, you can simply continue the process to all of them one by one and once you do that, click on Apply.

Now we have officially made this folder undeletable.