How to Download Facebook Videos: Android & iOS

After YouTube, Facebook has still started streaming videos from FB profiles and pages. There are already a lot of software and applications to download videos from YouTube, there are very few people, know how to download videos from Facebook to Android or iOS devices.

Facebook is the most popular social networking website to stay connected and learn about world issues. This is the reason why FB users see a way to download videos on their device so that fun or information can be shared with other people available on other applications.

Video streaming is now become the second most popular activity for users after playing the game. There are pre-installed applications for downloading videos from the YouTube site, but people, do not know how to download videos from Facebook. In this post, we will discuss the tricks or techniques to download Facebook videos on Android devices as well as iOS.

How to Download Facebook Videos: Android & iOS

1) Login to the FB account.

2) Once you have signed in the facebook app. the app will show you newsfeed then find your favorite video that you want to download.

3) Play the video and you will get the option to share the video. Click on the list of options and select the option copy link, the URL of the video.

4) After copy that links open your browser and type URL on it.

5) Now paste the video URL here.

6) Before the download starts, you will be asked to choose the quality of video from SD and HD options. Choose the one and tap on it.

7) The downloaded file can be viewed from the Download folder. open your file manager where you can find your downloaded video inside download folder.

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