Every people know uTorrent and BitTorrent, this free software allows you to download torrent files free but they also display sponsored advertisements on its torrent application. These ads are slow your torrents download speed, While you may know that you can pay to upgrade uTorrent to an ad-free version, you may not realize that ads can easily be disabled in your preferences.

How to Disable the Banner Ads on uTorrent

Before we start, let me show you an example of one such advertisement.

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Steps to Disable Advertisements on uTorrent.

First and foremost, launch the uTorrent Application. Then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to Options -> Preferences. The direct keyboard shortcut for the same is Ctrl + P.



Step 2: On the Preferences window, on the left pane, click the Advanced option. Do not expand it, simply click on Advanced.



Step 3: Now you got to look for the Advanced options. In the Filter text box type offer. That will filter out the required options.


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Take note of the last two options. Here’s what they mean:-

  1. left_rail_offer: This option, if true, allows ads to flash on the left rail of the uTorrent client.
  2. sponsored_torrent_offer: This option is the control for showing offers at the top of the main view. Keep it true/false accordingly.

Step 4: In order to turn the ads off, double-click on each of the options and change their value to false. Click on Ok.


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Step 5: Exit and close the uTorrent client. Give it some time to sync the set preferences. When you open the client again you will not see the advertisements. OMG amazing



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