Have you ever thought about how my computer suddenly slowed down? No, due to the Temporary file, this files used the storage of your computer and make your computer slow. But do you know what this template File is and why it is used?

This file is only Used by your operating system for a few moments. After that It just wasting your space. Temporary files are in the Windows Temp folder where you can easily delete it and save your computer space. There are so many software’s available in the market that makes your work done in single click i.e. CCleaner, But in this article, we learn how to remove temporary files manually, this is not a difficult process, just follow my easy steps.

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How to delete temporary files in windows 10

1) Windows + R Keyboard shortcut to Open Run Box.

2) In the Run Window or search box, type the following command and press Enter.


(This command is a variable that generally used by Window)

3) Now, Select all of the files and folder that you want to delete.

4) Delete all the temporary files and folders you have selected by pressing Shift + Delete Button.

5) If all files are deleted then fine. But, If you find an error like this: “file or folder you’re trying to delete is locked and still in use by a program” then click on Skip. This error comes because Windows is currently using these files, wait for sometime when these files will be completed then you will be able to delete these files too.

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Delete temporary files using the command line.

1) Open Cmd as administrator privilege.

2) Type below command

rd %temp% /s /q

And press Enter to remove all files from the temp folder.

But according to me, it will be difficult to do this again and again. Why not make it easy with the help of a batch file.

To do that, Just open a notepad and paste that above code then save this file as “.bat” file.

If you don’t know how to create a batch file them first read this How to create Batch files.


Now, Whenever you need to delete the temporary file just run this batch file. This will automatically delete your temporary file.

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