Do you think that you will secure your files by hiding the folder? So you think wrong, There are many hackers in the world who can steal your data so you can not even secure your data by hiding it in the folder.

But how good would be if you make your folder invisible. Yes invisible folder

Now you can make your folder invisible in few step.

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Create an Invisible Folder in Windows

This method works better in the Microsoft Windows XP operating system, because in XP there’s no outline for an invisible folder. The folder is totally invisible with no noticeable outline or any other characteristics which makes it visible.

Here’s how you make an “invisible” folder on your desktop.

1.  Create a new folder.

2.  Right-click on the shortcut and select ‘rename‘.

3.  Rename the folder with the characters 0160 while pressing and holding the Alt key.




4.  Right-click the folder and go to properties.

5.  Click the “Customize” tab.

6.  Refer to ‘folder icons‘ and click ‘change icon‘.

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7.  Choose the blank icon (which is invisible) as shown below

8. click on Apply and select ok.




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