Not only Facebook, Twitter has also sold data to Cambridge Analytics


After a massive Facebook data scandal, it is now revealed that Twitter had also sold data from users to Cambridge Analytics researcher, who had collected data of about 8.7 million Facebook users without their knowledge or permission.

According to the report of The Sunday Telegraph, Twitter provided Alexander Kogan to access public data in 2015 for ‘one day’. Kohon was a psychological researcher at the University of Cambridge at that time and his company name was Global Science Research (GSR).

The report said, “Twitter said that GSR had paid for one-day access, and prepared ‘Random Sample’ of public tweets from the period of December to April 2015 of 2014. Twitter further said that he has not received any information about access to personal information. “During the first quarter of 2018, Twitter recorded a 21 percent increase in revenues on a year-to-year basis and it was worth 66.5 million dollars is.

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